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Investments (US$Millions)

Value (US$M) accumulated of investments, by sector

Historical series of accumulated values (US$M) of investiments, by year

By Location

Investments (US$Millions)

Name Operation Sector Year (US$M)
Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp JAC Motors Brasil Automotive 2017 60,97
Caoa Chery Hyundai CAOA Montadora de Veículos S/A Automotive 2018 2.000,00
China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) Concremat Engenharia e Tecnologia Infrastructure 2017 700,00
China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) Enel Green Power Brasil Participações Energy 2019 767,19
China Three Gorges (CTG) Companhia Energética de São Paulo (Cesp) Energy 2015 3.660,00
China Three Gorges (CTG) EDP Energias do Brasil Energy 2013 391,30
China Three Gorges (CTG) Triunfo Participações e Investimentos (TPI) Energy 2015 272,31
Citic Agri Fund Management Dow AgroSciences Sementes e Biotecnologia Brasil Agriculture 2017 1.100,00
COFCO Agri Noble do Brasil Ltda.; Nidera Sementes Agriculture 2014 4.000,00
Honbridge Holdings Ltd Votorantim Novos Negócios Mining 2010 390,00
Hunan Dakang Pasture Farming Fiagril Ltda Agriculture 2016 286,00
Sinopec Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras) Oil And Natural Gas 2008 1.090,00
State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) Pacific Hydro Brasil Energy 2017 2.250,00

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