Socio-Environmental Platform

The Socio-Environmental Platform

The Socio-Environmental Platform is a program developed by the Brics Policy Center (BPC),

of the International Relations Institute of PUC-Rio. It provides a space for learning and exchange of knowledge and embraces projects dedicated to the research and promotion of dialogues amongst different actors on topics such as climate change, development models and inequalities, development banks and safeguards. In addition to Policy Briefs and other publications, the Platform also provides the Socio-Environmental RADAR, a regular publication focused on environmental news related to the five BRICS countries.



Mott Foundation

Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS)


HUB Climate Data

Projeto voltado à criação de um Hub brasilieiro dedicado ao monitoramento e compartilhamento de dados, bem como à análises sobre a implementação das Contribuições Nacionalmente Determinadas (NDCs) no Brasil. O...

BRICS and Climate

The impact of the actions of the countries that constitute the BRICS goes beyond the scope of the economic sector, reaching, among others, the socio-environmental agenda through issues such as the exploitation...

Polycentric Governance

Through the creation of a Study Group between BRICS Policy Center, from Brazil, and the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), from Germany, this project envisages both the production of knowledge and elaboration...


The 4th United Nations Environment Assembly

In its 28th edition, the Socioenvironmental Radar analysis the results of the 4th United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA). This edition provides an overall view of the UNEA, presents the assembly’s...

The Path for Energy Transition? The role of private actors...

This paper aims to analyze the role of the private actors of the energy sector in the new model of climate governance, also known as polycentric governance.

COP 14 – Convention on Biological Diversity

In it's 25th edition, the Socioenvironmental Radar analyses the results of the 14th Conference of Parties (COP) of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The Brazilian model of Investment Agreements and Socio-environmental Safeguards

This Quarterly Brief seeks to analyze similarities and differences between the new Brazilian CIFAs and traditional bilateral investment agreements - as well as to evaluate them in light of alternative...

International Sustainable and Climate Finance: Where are we and which...

This brief focus on climate finance, as it encompasses a substantive part of the resources in this broader sustainability agenda, and presents updated data on climate finance flows and for...

Gender and Energy approaches by BASIC countries

This Policy Brief analysis how the BASIC countries have incorporated gender and energy issues in their NDCs and assesses some of the interrelations between key energy and gender inequalities of...

The Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification Mechanisms for Developing Countries under...

This Policy Brief provides a series of political recommendations to the BASIC countries.

Socio-environmental flexibilization in Brazil and International Investments

In this 16th edition, the Socioenvironmental Radar analyses the process of flexibilization in socio-environmental legislation in Brazil and its potential effects on internacional investments.

The 12th Summit of G20

This Radar analyses the twelfth G20 summit, held in Hamburg, Germany.

The New Multilateral Development Banks and Socio-environmental Safeguards

By analyzing three sets of socio-environmental policies and safeguards recently disclosed by the two new MDBs noted above and by the World Bank, which just presented a revision of its...

Social Innovation as a tool for Enhancing Women’s Resilience to...

INDCs of BRICS countries to the COP21

By the end of October 2015, 128 countries had submitted their contributions, representing more than 85% of global emissions.

Mega-Dams in the Brazilian Amazon: towards a green, sustainable and...

This Policy Brief analyses the pros and cons of constructing mega-dams in brazilian Amazon.

The BRICS on the road to COP 21

This Policy Brief analyses the process that leads the BRICS to COP 21 in Paris.


Rumo ao encontro do G2: compromissos brasileiros e perspectivas

On June 1st, 2017 the Socio-Environmental Platform of the BRICS Policy Center will promote the round-table “Rumo ao encontro do G2: compromissos brasileiros e perspectivas”. The event will count with...

The Role of BRICS in the Evolution of the New...

On November 22nd and 23rd, 2016, the seminar “The Role of BRICS in the Evolution of the New Environmental Governance” will be held at PUC-Rio’s auditório B8 (auditorium B8), located on the 8th floor of the Frings...


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