Laboratory of Financing and International Cooperation for Development   (LACID)

The Laboratory of Financing and International Cooperation for Development (LACID), an initiative of the BRICS Policy Center, aims to analyze practices of global financing and cooperation for development.


Significant changes in the architecture of the international system were brought by the turn of the 21st century. Emerging economies, such as Brazil, India, and China, have a contest in the most diverse areas the influence that developed countries have in the definition of norms and practices in international relations. The program seeks to understand the impact that such changes in the global order entail in practices of financing and international cooperation for development.


The program aims to develop a critical reflection about the intensification of relations between the countries of the global South, reflecting how they impact on the development and growth of these countries and looking for to contribute to the great international debate on development policies.


Dialogues on International Development Cooperation

South-South  Cooperation  Dialogues  is  an  annual  event  organized  by  the  BPC  team.  The  "Dialogues"  have  two  goals: 1) to foster  policy  dialogues  on  issues  related  to  South-South  and  Triangular  Cooperation ...

Transformations of Development Finance in Latin America and the Caribbean...

The project Finance for Development and Safeguards in Latin America and the Caribbean (FfD-LAC) aims to produce and disseminate quality information and analysis about the transformation of the Financing for...

Development Banks and Safeguards

The BRICS Policy Center in partnership with the Mott Foundation launched the project "Strengthening the Safeguards of New Development Banks" (“Fortalecendo as Salvaguardas dos Novos Bancos de Desenvolvimento”). The project...


Private Sector Engagement (PSE) through Development Cooperation

This fact sheet gives an overview of Private Sector Engagement through development Cooperation, its main instruments, strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities.

SSC and the 2030 Agenda: Adopting and adapting the LNOB...

The people-centered logic of differentiation presented by the 2030 Agenda assumed that no one should be left behind. LNOB is an outstanding approach for making South-South Cooperation (SSC) work for...

Triangular Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean: paving the...

LAC countries can implement a much more integrated and sustainable response to the challenge of multidimensional inequality. Selected case studies, led by Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, in partnership with developed...

Private Sector Engagement Provided by Emerging Economies

This discussion paper proposes a typological framework to conceptualise how emerging economies support PSE in partner countries through development co-operation; explores how stakeholders regard issues related to the effectiveness of...

Brazilian Technical Cooperation for Africa (2003-2013)

The objective of this publication is to study the institutional dynamics of Brazilian development cooperation, focusing on technical cooperation, during the period 2003 to 2013, especially with regard to the...

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

The China-led initiative aims to foster sustainable development and promote regional cooperation and partnership in addressing common development challenges in Asian countries.

The BRICS and the New Development Bank

This Policy Brief discusses the process of the creation of the NBD, its significance for financing development, and finally its effects.

The China-CELAC Forum

This fact sheet outlines the increasing presence of China in Latin America and the cooperation between China and the newly found China-CELAC forum, as a way to enhance South-South cooperation.

The New Multilateral Development Banks and Socio-environmental Safeguards

By analyzing three sets of socio-environmental policies and safeguards recently disclosed by the two new MDBs noted above and by the World Bank, which just presented a revision of its...

Exploring Indian Engagement in Agriculture and Health: A Case of...

This publication brings reflexions on practices of the cooperation sectors of agriculture and health between India and Mozambique and Angola.

Brazilian health and agricultural cooperation in Angola: An overview

The objective of this research report is to synthesize key findings, contextual information and analysis required for understanding Brazil’s engagement in Angola, as well as basic information on projects being...

Chinese and Brazilian Private Firms in Sub-Saharan Africa

This fact sheet outlines the expansion and diversification of private investment from Brazil and China in SSA, and the extent to which private companies from the two countries are engaging...

The BRICS Development Bank: A New Tool for South-South Cooperation?

The Policy Brief presnets the current structure for development financing, pointing to the potential influence of the New Development Bank (NBD) on the BRICS South-South cooperation relations.

Chinese Cooperation in Mozambique and Angola: A Focus on Agriculture...

This publication seeks to think over China’s agency on South-South Cooperation for development and the shifts that this model represents to the traditional “North-South” cooperation.

BRICS and the challenges in fighting inequality

this document contains four analyses of key issues for the understanding of BRICS and its world, and the possibilities of changes brought to the fore by the joint action of...

The BRICS and the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation...

Policy Brief "The BRICS and the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC)".

Brazilian Health and Agricultural Cooperation in Mozambique: An Overview

China’s Engagement in Africa: Responding to Growing Tensions and Contradictions

The aim of this Policy Brief is to point out some of the growing tensions and contradictions that have emerged in relation to China’s increased engagement in Africa, and that...

BRICS, Development Cooperation and the Busan Forum

This Policy Brief addresses the outcomes of the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF-4), held from November 29 to December 1 in Busan, South Korea.

Prospects for Health Cooperation from Sanya in the BRICS

The BRICS are a group whose great convergence is the desire for reform of the International System, aiming at the practical manifestation of the changes in power relations triggered by...

Sino-African Cooperation: Trends and Impacts for Official Development Assistance


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Global South Doctoral Workshop

The workshop is an opportunity for PhD students from the Global South countries to participate in a one-week discussion of their theses with PhD professors and students from the Graduate...

Engaging Private Actors to Achieve the 2030 Agenda: Learning from...

South-South Cooperation on Peace and Development

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